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April 27, 2009

A Little Trick for Yahoo

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Not sure if you all know this or not.. but here is a trick if you play yahoo fantasy sports. If you have someone on the DL.. you obviously need to have 1 spot open to activate him from the DL onto your roster.
This works best if he’s a pitcher, but the day he is pitching he is in your lineup, but Yahoo leaves teh DL next to his name. So click on the next day’s roster..and move him back to DL to pick up someone you need until he pitches again 5 days later. It allows you to use your pitcher that has been stashed on the DL, put him back on the DL and pick up someone else and use him for a few days.
It’s just playing the system that yahoo gives us.


April 23, 2009

Downs the new Closer

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Finally BJ Ryan has handed over the closer job to Scott Downs, though by default because he was placed on the DL. This move should have been regardless as Downs has been flat out nasty the last few years, and Ryan just continues to struggle. Grab downs ASAP as he immediately enters the top-15 closers

April 19, 2009

Pardon the Slowness

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The blog has been a little slower than usual lately, and my apologies.. but I (Ryan) am moving from the Northeast to the Southeast 11 days from now into Raleigh, NC.
Things are very hectic right now, but hopefully will settle down soon. Thanks for understanding!
Definitely still ask us anything via email… we are always hoping to answer more questions!

April 11, 2009

Two more names to watch…

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Justin Upton is in a platoon situation out in the desert, and seeing that he is a 22 year-old who needs seasoning, this can’t bode well for his performance. If you haven’t looked elsewhere already, now may be the time to do so. Nyjer Morgan is someone to take a chance on with 3 SB already and could be a source for speed and runs, while not hurting your average and OBP.

Alexei Ramirez remains hitless and this is a situation to continue monitoring rather than dispose of him just yet. Ozzie Guillen has recently spoken out that Alexei needs to make adjustments and do everything a big leaguer needs to do in order to get out of this current slump, but he seems to be remaining patient….for now atleast. Ramirez was a popular sleeper for a big time performance this season, and he started slow last season before winning the full-time job at 2B….be patient and hang on to him for now.

April 9, 2009

About to Jump Ship on Delmon Young

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I took a guess that Delmon would have a big year this year with more power and start putting things together at the plate, but he’s not even getting the chance. The Twins over-crowded their OF and it looks like he’s the odd one out, except when they face lefties. I’m about ready to drop him from my bench. I can’t have guys to plug in, that are as good as being off that day. I’m giving him just a few more days to see if anything pans out, but he’s just about on the chopping block.
What a shame… this guy had/has a world of talent, and they don’t even let him play. Then why in the world did you trade Matt Garza for him? The Twins are known for making great moves, but if you’re not going to let Delmon Young grow as a hitter after trading away Garza, then I just don’t get it.
He’s basically fantasy irrelevant now, so feel free to dump away, though I’m waiting another 48 hours.

Keep an eye on:
Colby Rasmus – he’s platooning as well, so I don’t recommend you pick him up and expect the world, but if someone were to get hurt, he’s certainly someone to grab.

Dexter Fowler – once again, stuck in a platoon, but I think his will be easier to break out of. The Rockies released Podsednik to make room for Fowler, so when he starts showing signs he’s ready for big league hitting, the job may be his. It certainly doesn’t hurt he homered the first pitch he saw this season and first of the game on Wednesday.

April 7, 2009

It’s only Week 1

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Many owners were anxious for the season to start and now that it has a been a few days I know many of you are already disappointed in your team. Relax and know it has only been a couple games, let’s wait a few weeks before you make any trades or transactions you may regret.

Some Players to keep an eye on after opening day for each team….

Justin Upton and Delmon Young sitting out the first games of the season. Not sure where this comes from but they are certainly in the lineups tonight….I believe they still maintain their value but something to keep an eye on.

Braves Pitchers: Two games and two solid outings…Derek Lowe and Jair Jurrjens waltzed into the sandbox in Philly and came away mostly unscathed…do the Braves have their pitching mojo back? Or do the Phillies simply need to find their stroke in the early going?

Lincecum, Shields, Peavy, Webb all had games that owners did not really enjoy, but remember it’s one start out of 35 or so and these studs should be their usual effective selves.

Don’t be surprised by a lack of production in Sabathia and Teixeira. They are both notoriously slow starters and with the NY fans already on their cases, it may make things worse, but I only see these two improving upon their usual stats while in a better situation with the Yankees.

Remember, the season is very young, don’t get caught up in anything yet. Especially in head-to-head leagues, one week won’t make or break your team and you will have much more time to evaluate and respond accordingly if need be. Certainly don’t go and trade Brandon Webb or Tim Lincecum for Derek Lowe just yet.

April 6, 2009

Keep an Eye on the Weather…

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For those of you who read this in time… games today that are in jeopardy due to weather are:
Rays vs Red Sox
Yankees vs Orioles
Mets vs Reds

the game between the Royals and White Sox was already postponed, so get your bench warmers ready for action

April 5, 2009

Starting ’09 with a Bang!

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It’s the top of the 4th inning right now and I gotta say I love how 2009 has fantasy season has started. I nearly started 3-3 with 3 homers if Utley had just a bit more power on his warning track shot. McCann and Schafer both went yard for me against my opponent’s starting pitcher in Brett Myers. Hopefully we can keep this up for another 180 days or so.

A few notes:
– Don’t get all hoopla over Franceour’s new batting style. He’s not someone to forget though. His problem is more mental than physical. A new stance and more patience at the plate could be huge.

Not happy I dropped Schafer before I even saw him play considering he belts a 2-run HR and then singles in his first 2 ABs. But it’s only 1 game and he’s still a rookie. If you have the extra space… why not take a chance though?

Brett Myers is up to his usual no good self giving up bomb after bomb. This offseason hasn’t really done him much good so far. When are you going to learn to keep the ball down in this ballpark? Lowe is showing the Phillies exactly who they should have signed this offseason.

April 4, 2009

Opening Night in T minus 24 hours!

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It’s almost that time to see that team you drafted be put to the test. To see if all that trash talk actually holds true. We’re all 0-0 until tomorrow night. If you don’t have anyone going tomorrow night, then get someone! Drop someone you don’t need and have a vested interest in the game tomorrow!
I personally have McCann, Utley and I just picked up Jordan Schafer (just dropped Clay Buchholz after his demotion). No pitchers but 3 bats so hopefully I can start the year with somewhat of a bang. Monday is usually an iffy day with everyone’s aces on the mound at once. Bats can be pretty quiet and the weather can still be cold.. hopefully I don’t run into that problem tomorrow night.
I guess we’ll see what Schafer has to offer to see if I actually keep him around or just use him for a one night stand. It would certainly help if he had a nice night.
Who else is excited for opening night/day???? This is where it all begins.

March 28, 2009

Ryan’s Draft Results

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The first 3 picks are keepers from last year. I will post more notes later, but i’ll make an obvious point and say that I didn’t really bother paying for saves. I figure I can trade for some or just pick up a reliever or 2 that will get them throughout the year that happens every year. Take a peak and feel free to comment.

1. (4) Chase Utley 2B
2. (21) Josh Hamilton OF
3. (28) Mark Teixeira 1B
4. (45) Curtis Granderson OF
5. (52) Josh Beckett SP
6. (69) Hunter Pence OF  —> Traded for Brian McCann with exchange of draft picks pre-draft
7. (76) Bobby Abreu OF
8. (93) James Shields SP
9. (100) Carlos Peña 1B
10. (117) Yovani Gallardo SP
11. (124) Mike Aviles 2B,SS
12. (141) Carlos Guillén 1B,3B
13. (148) Matt Cain SP
14. (165) Max Scherzer SP,RP
15. (172) Brandon Morrow SP,RP
16. (189) Delmon Young OF
17. (196) Fausto Carmona SP
18. (213) George Sherrill RP
19. (220) Ubaldo Jiménez SP
20. (237) Leo Núñez RP
21. (244) Jordan Zimmermann SP
22. (261) Clay Buchholz RP

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